Friday, September 26, 2008


This is a good movie. It's also a good soundtrack. Nobody should be missing out on either of those two things.


Sammy said...

I'm going to watch this movie, if I don't like it I'm slapping you real hard the next time I see you, be warned. Thanks for the recommend.

moonchullee said...

My favorite part of this movie is the pleasantly-frequent use of the Irish F word. Which is just the F word with an Irish accent. And I kind of fell in love with a simple Czech girl. One of the best movies of last year.

kk Leilani said...

....Although I haven't seen the movie...yet...the music is enough.

My word for it would have to be...Beautiful.

I can't stop listening to "Falling Slowly". I have to get a taste of it at least several times a day. Their voices fit each other that's true love eh. Thanks for the recommendation.

p.s. thanks for all the nice things you said. My favorite thing about you is that you are genuinely everyone's favorite and you genuinely put a smile on our faces. You are everything good. And I think you will discover that about Mel too. Love and miss you guys.

Much love!