Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm goin' to Jackson...

Stopped in Jackson Hole two weekends ago. We waited about 20 minutes for the clouds to clear away from the Tetons. When they finally cleared, we sighed, gave them a firm handshake, thanked them for always being there for us, and then we left. It probably didn't even matter to them, I mean, they have thousands of people from all over the world visit them every year - what importance could a couple of kids from Utah be to them? Well you know what Tetons? I DON'T NEED YOU!! So get off of your high horse and screw yourselves!! WE DIDN'T WAIT FOR CLOUDS TO CLEAR FOR 20 MINUTES JUST TO GET TREATED LIKE NOBODY'S!!! You and your "majestic peaks"....ah fewey!! NO ONE CARES!

We had a good time.