Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cheeky, Cheeky Monkey!

WARNING TO ALL - Monkeys are not safe to play with!

At first they seem so shy and cute, but that is exactly their plan. They want to lure you in so they can:

A) bite your f-ing arm
B) Poo all f-ing over you
C) steal your camera or f-ing passport

I'm am the worst sucker of all too because I have already chalked up both B and C on the old experience list. You'd think that by now I'd have learned my lesson about Monkeys. This one below just looked at me with those dark innocent eyes and shyly came towards me. He reached up cautiously with one hand and touched my arm, then he put the other on as well. I was stupidly baby talking to him when he BIT MY F-ING ARM OUT OF NOWHERE! Then he quickly ran away to his tree and stared at me. I'm surprised he didn't start throwing poo at me.

Anyway people, take heed. Lock up your children. Store up your Cream of Wheat and Eggo waffles. The monkeys will soon be upon us and no one will be able to resist their cuteness and get away with out bitten arms and a poo shower.