Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So now that I work full time, life has really become...different. I get up early, work all day and end up staying late because I'm so swamped that I can't stand it. Since I started, my going to bed routine has changed from what it used to be. Please see below:


Kyle Miller said...

hey man i was just checkin out your blog, it really made me laugh! you have got some talent. i like your life and you seem to be livin' it to the fullest!

keep on keepin' on

Anonymous said...

Iron and Wine
December 7, 2007
Magna, UT
Venue: The Great Saltair
Ticket Price: $20
Other Acts: Arthur & Yu

your 3form secret crush said...

Wow you seem like a really cute kid. You should come work in my department. I'll take care of you and put a smile back on your face.

Lizziedee said...

Hey this is Liz Draper, you are hilarious and I had to write on this particular one because it reminded me of me. Thanks for making me laugh :)