Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vonder Boy Returns!!!

The newest hit single from the popular German band "Vonder Boy". Hold on to your butt cracks!

Click on the play button to hear the smash hit that has all of Europe in a frenzy!


Richard Pierre said...

Vonder Boy!!!! Du bist der Hammer!

Missy&Jake said...

WOW I mean WOW! You are one sick mother! Boris's message spoke directly to my soul. Thank you for that.

Mary said...

dave...mary lebaron here. i'm on assignment to find you for the 10 yr. reunion. it would warm my heart to see you there. will you come? go to the website www.olympus98.com and update your profile. lots of your friends are on there. even jake and missy in their ugly sweaters! btw...love the vonder boys. euro trash at its finest!!